Ukrainian fighters

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that since the start of the war, the courts of his country have sentenced more than 200 Ukrainian fighters to prison, while on the other hand, Russia has targeted the capital city of Kiev in fresh attacks.
According to the AFP news agency, Sergey Larov told the Russian news agency RIA that “the courts of the Russian Federation have sentenced more than 200 representatives of Ukrainian armed organizations to long prison terms for committing atrocities.”
Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, both sides have blamed each other for numerous atrocities.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Russian Investigative Committee has started proceedings against about 900 Ukrainians under 4,000 criminal cases.

Ukrainian fighters

“They include not only members of radical nationalist associations, Ukrainian security forces. And mercenaries, but also representatives of Ukraine’s military and political leaders.”
The United Nations has found consistent evidence of Russian officials’ involvement in war crimes. And human rights abuses, including torture, rape and child deportation.
In March, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant. For Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying Moscow’s forced deportation of Ukrainian children was a war crime.

At least 21 people have been injure in the missile attack on Kharkiv

On the other hand, the United Nations has received several cases of alleged human rights violations. By the Ukrainian authorities against those accused of collaborating with the Russian authorities.
Late on Saturday night, Russia launched fresh attacks on Ukrainian regions, including the capital Kiev. And the northeastern city of Kharkiv, which also damaged residential areas.
Ukrainian military officials posted on the social media platform. Telegram that late on Saturday night, air defense systems in the Kiev region. Were engag in repelling drone attacks by Russia.
Damage from the attacks could not be immediately assess, but Kharkiv Mayor Ilhor Terekhov wrote on Telegram. That at least 21 people were injure in the missile attack on the city.
In his message, the mayor wrote that all emergency services are on the scene while confirmation of possible casualties is underway.
The last week of 2023 has seen an increase in attacks from both sides. On Friday, a major air strike on Ukraine killed 31 civilian. While on Saturday, Ukraine attacked the Russian provincial capital of Belgorod, killing 20 people.

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