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Many people believe that modern technology has had positive effects on human life health, but this is a wrong idea because technology has negative effects on mental health and human life body which are impossible to avoid, especially Therefore, using it continuously and relying on it in daily tasks.
This begs the question, has technology really improved your human life?

Effects of Technology on Psychology

Constant use of technology and complete dependence on it sooner or later have harmful effects on the psyche, some of which are illustrated below.


Although modern social networking sites have narrowed distances and improved interpersonal relationships, the opposite is true.
In this regard, a study was conducted on people aged 19 to 32 years, in which it was proven that people who are constantly connected to social networking sites are more likely to suffer from loneliness than those who do not use it frequently. go
73 percent of people who are constantly connected to social media confirmed that they are practically isolated in their social human life.
Anxiety and depression
Research has revealed that people who are constantly connected to social networking sites are more likely to develop mental problems such as anxiety and depression.
Experts have also presented different results in this regard, in which people who find positive attitude and motivation on social websites have significantly less anxiety and depression. Conversely, depression is significantly higher in those who do not experience motivation on social networks.
Digital dementia
Some people may develop digital dementia from excessive use of technology. Thus, they have difficulty concentrating or remembering information.

Some people get so addicted to using the internet that they become addicted to it

Cyberchondria ‘Electronic Hypochondria’

This refers to the overriding concern that can make anyone worried about their health, that researching about their medical problems online can lead to increased health anxiety. Is. It also leads to depression.

Internet usage habits

Some people become so addicted to using the Internet that they become addicted to it, which affects not only their social interactions but also their work.

Feelings of inferiority and lack of self-esteem

A study conducted in this regard, which was published in ‘JAMA’ magazine, said that teenagers who spend more than three hours a day on social networking websites have low self-esteem and sense of self-esteem. Deprivation increases.

Mental disorders and reflexes

If you spend a lot of time in online games or smartphone surfing then you may face problems like mental disorder. Apart from this, other problems may arise in life and your professional day and night may also be affect.

Lack of focus

However, it is not conclusive that excessive use of the Internet leads to an abnormal increase in anxiety and depression, however, recent research has identified a major cause of attention deficit disorder being spending too much time on the Internet.

Sleep difficulties

Some people have a habit of keeping their mobile phone with them while sleeping. They think that some message will come or some update may come on Facebook. Sometimes they do this unconsciously, due to which their sleep is not peaceful. And they remain mentally anxious even while sleeping.

The radiation emitted from the smart phone can also affect the body parts

Another cause of sleep problems is the blue light emitted by the smartphone screen. It can also cause sleep problems. Due to this, the release of hormones called melatoin is affect and these rays can also affect the body parts.
According to a study, for the past 50 years, the average sleep duration of adults has been eight hours. Which is now decreasing to seven hours today, and this process definitely affects physical health. Is.
Effects of technology on the body
Not only the mental health is affect by the harmful effects of technology, but the physical health also faces risks due to the unnecessary use of this modern technology. Some examples of this are given below which are relate to physical health.

  1. Pressure on the eyes
    People who constantly use smart phones, laptops, tablets or computers face irritation. Dryness and pressure in the eyes, in addition to pain in the head, neck and shoulders.
    In this regard, some of the factors of pressure on the eyes are being pointe out below.
    . The time spent in front of the screen
    . Screen brightness
    . Improper distance of screen from eyes
    . Pre-existing eye problems
    Therefore, basic practice should be follow to reduce the strain of technology. Use on the eyes and to protect them from repeated discomfort. This practice is especially useful for people who use smart devices for long periods of time.
Keeping the computer screen down increases the pressure on the neck and spine
  1. wrong seat
    Many people sit in the wrong way in front of the screen due to which they face problems. Most people have their computer screen facing downwards, which increases the pressure on their neck and spine.
    It is better for people who sit at a desk for long periods of time to work on a computer. To get up every once in a while and move their limbs to reduce the stress on the body.
  2. Loss of bodily movement or function
    Here’s an alarm bell because sitting for long periods of time without physical activity. Can lead to a variety of physical problems, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. Is.
    How to maintain your mental and physical health while using technology?
    The negative effects of modern technology can be counter wisely. Below are some suggestions for this.
    . Delete any applications and friends that make you feel sad when you contact them.
    . Block email updates that are unnecessary for you, the less emails the better.
    . Turn off the notification sound when you don’t need it.
    . Stay away from digital devices for some time during the day.
    . Turn off all your digital devices at least an hour before bed to help you get a restful sleep.

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