A US court has ordered former President Donald Trump to pay another $83.3 million to a woman in a defamation case.
The lawsuit was filed by columnist E.Jane Carroll, who said Trump had discredited her after she was accused of sexual assault.
The jury, which included five men and two women, issued its verdict on Friday, according to the Associated Press. Trump continued to appear in the hearings of the case, but at the end of the arguments of Carroll’s lawyer, Trump left the court as soon as the verdict began.

President Donald Trump

It is the second time in nine months that the court has reversed the ruling in the case, which accused Donald Trump of groping and assaulting Carol in a store.
In May, another jury ordered Carroll to pay $5 million and found Donald Trump not guilty of a crime but liable for sexual assault and defamation by calling Carroll a liar. Also tried.
Trump did not appear at the first trial, which he later regretted and insisted on testifying at the second trial.
The judge had already ruled that he had missed the opportunity to argue that he was innocent.
However, he gave only a few minutes of testimony in court in which he denied attacking Carroll and then left quietly saying, “This is not America.”
The new jury was asked how Trump should pay Carroll as compensation for two statements he made as president. He made the statements in response to a question after Carroll’s statement was published in a magazine.
However, with legal appeals pending a decision on damages, the jury was not asked whether a sexual assault actually occurred.
Carroll’s lawyers had asked for $2.4 million in damages, which is a large sum in punitive terms.
Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Caplan, urged jurors in her closing arguments that Trump must be punished enough to deter him from making “outrageous” statements against Carroll.
With that, Trump shook his head vigorously, then suddenly stood up and walked out.
The case comes at a time when Trump is advancing as the Republican presidential nominee and using legal cases against him as weapons.

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