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Excessive use of headphones poses a risk of affecting your hearing loss. Because loud sounds can negatively affect certain areas of the brain through the ears, leading to hearing loss.
How to use headphones while preserving hearing? Some points in this regard are presented below.
Do headphones affect hearing?
Although hearing loss is a natural phenomenon with age, sometimes direct noise can also affect hearing.

A survey report published in 2022 by a medical website claimed that 80 percent of people, aged 13 to 18, used headphones. To listen to music for one to three hours a day. used to
In a survey conducted in the year 2021, it was reveale. That 1.7 percent of people worldwide are suffering from hearing problems.
Research conducted in this regard states that most people who are facing hearing problems use headphones most of the day.
How do headphones affect hearing?
According to the way nature has designed the ears, loud noises are not conducive. To hearing in any way, while on the contrary, hearing is better if the sound is not too loud.
Repeated exposure to loud sounds through headphones affects the inner ear cells and specific areas of the brain.

If the inner ear’s sensitive hair cells are affected, they are unlikely to heal

Different types of sounds that strike the eardrums and reach specific brain cells cause vibrations. Thus, loud noise increases the vibration generated in the eardrum. And being in such a constant state causes damage which affects the hearing.
Noise affects your hearing in two ways:
-1 When a loud sound hits the ear, the fine hairs that transmit sound waves to the cells lose their sensitivity. This sensitivity resets if the loud noises are not constant, for example if you are walking down a noisy street or loud music is playing next to you, this is a temporary process.
-2 As far as being in constant noise is concerned, it can permanently affect the hair sensors on the eardrums, causing the damage to be permanent.
Can hearing loss occur suddenly?
The cells or sensors made up of hair are very delicate. When they vibrate, they send nerve signals to the brain, but they are not affect suddenly, but their energy and function decrease from time to time, such as constant use of headphones or earphones.
Can lost hearing be restored?
Unfortunately, if the inner ear’s sensitive hair cells are affect, they are unlikely to recover.

If you want to protect your hearing, try not to exceed 70 dB

What are the symptoms of poor hearing?
Following are some of the symptoms of hearing loss in constant headphone users:
. A muffled sound is hear.
. Difficulty hearing in noisy places.
. Ringing or whistling sounds in the ears.
. Telling others what was say again.
How to use headphones?

  • Keep the sound level to 70 decibels:
    If you want to protect your hearing, try not to exceed 70 dB. If the sound is up to 85 decibels, it can gradually affect your hearing.
    You can test loudness without any tools. When you are talking to someone in a noisy place, you have to raise your voice. This means that your voice will be up to 75 decibels at that time.
Not being able to hear clearly in noise is an important sign of hearing loss
  1. Sound measuring apps
    Some smart phones have dedicated sound meter apps that allow you to control the sound that comes out of the headphones.
  2. Symptoms of hearing loss
    It’s a sign that you can’t hear clearly in noise or that you can’t understand what someone is saying when they’re talking.
  3. Hearing test
    It is best to get into the habit of having a full medical check-up by the age of 50, including a referral to an ENT specialist for hearing.
  4. Practice 60/60
    This is a very simple exercise in which try to keep the volume. At 60% for 60 minutes while using headphones. Take a break afterwards to prevent hearing damage.
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