King Charles

After Britain’s King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer, Crown Prince William. Is expected to shoulder the burden of royal duties in his father’s absence.
According to the news agency AFP, after the news that King Charles. Is suffering from cancer, the burden of performing royal duties has fallen. On the shoulders of Prince William, who has been suspended from public engagements. After the operation of his wife, Princess Catherine. .
Crown Prince William, 41, has been out of the public eye to take care of his wife, Princess Catherine, and three children.

Prince William

However, to fill the void created at the royal level after his father’s sudden diagnosis of cancer, Prince William. Is going to start his official engagements from Wednesday.
Prince William is expected to take on some duties during his father’s treatment, while King Charles’ daughter Princess Anne and Queen Camilla. Will also accompany the crown prince.
Buckingham Palace has not yet provided further details regarding. King Charles’ illness, including the type of cancer he is suffering from.
However, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak has confirmed that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer in the early stages.
Seventeen months ago, after the death of former Queen Elizabeth II, her son Charles Swaim assumed the British throne.

King Charles
In the absence of King Charles, Prince William will carry out royal duties.

The son of Prince Harry, who separated from the royal family after the news that King Charles was suffering from cancer. Arrived in the United Kingdom from the United States on Tuesday.
Yesterday, King Charles was seen leaving Clarence House, his residence in eastern England. But he appeared to be quite optimistic in the footage circulating in the media.
On this occasion, the British people have shown sympathy with Prince William. Who on the one hand has to give time to his family and on the other hand. Has to perform official duties in place of his father.
Kensington Palace, on the other hand, says that Princess Catherine will not be able. To carry out her royal duties until at least March 31 after successful abdominal surgery.
Officials did not provide details about Princess Catherine’s surgery, but clarified that her illness was not related to cancer.
King Charles is being praised for making the public aware of his illness. While in the past the royal family has kept their health issues under wraps.

Rishi Sonik
King Charles III appointed Rishi Sonik as Prime Minister of Great Britain

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