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Top US officials will meet in Michigan with Arab and Muslim community leaders critical of President Joe Biden, who have criticized the administration’s policy of not calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.
According to the Reuters news agency, the delegation that met with Muslim community leaders included US Agency for Development Administrator Samantha Power, White House official Steve Benjamin and his deputy Jamie Stern, among other officials.
It should be noted that the presidential elections in the United States are expected on November 5, and the state of Michigan is considered the stronghold of the election campaign.

Muslim community leaders

Muslim community leaders in the southeastern state of Michigan. Refused to meet with Joe Biden’s campaign officials a few weeks ago.
Muslim leaders say they will only hold meetings with policymakers. If Israeli attacks on Gaza end and aid is delivered to Palestinians.
More than 30 Michigan elected officials said Tuesday they will not vote for any candidate in the Feb. 27 Democratic primary in protest of Joe Biden’s Gaza war policy, while others said. They will not vote for Joe Biden during the presidential election in November.
According to the Biden administration, the meetings with Muslim leaders. Are part of a series of contacts with community leaders and elected officials. Since the October 7 Hamas attacks on southern Israel.

US Government

The US government has maintained that a broad ceasefire would benefit Hamas. But has called for a limited pause in the fighting to allow for the release. Of hostages held by Hamas and the distribution of aid to Gaza residents.
Ahmad Chebani, founder and chairman of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce. Says there is concern among community leaders and that US administration officials should have reached out to them much earlier.
Ahmad Chebani, regarding not voting for Joe Biden, said that this decision. Of the Muslim community cannot be reversed, nor can the bodies of 30,000 Palestinians be hidden.
At least 27,585 Palestinians have been killed in response to Hamas’ attack on Israel. On October 7 last year, while thousands more are feared to be buried under the rubble

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