It is not unusual to get colds, flus and coughs in winter. However, as soon as he lays down in bed to sleep at night, he feels like having a cold and coughing attack.
Continuous coughing not only affects sleep, but also starts feeling restless, whereas due to cold, it becomes difficult to breathe due to nasal congestion and thus sleep not only escapes you, but also worries the family members.
The question arises as to why the condition of nasal congestion increases due to increase in severity of cough and cold at night. In this regard, some useful home tips are being presented by following which you will be able to sleep peacefully.

Immunity and biological systems

Body functions naturally work according to the biological clock. A website of the Department of Medicine says in this regard that ‘Immunity depends on the biological system. Normally, white blood cells are more active at night, while the cold also increases at night, which causes an increase in the movement of these cells.


Hormones are also regulated by the biological system. The cortisol hormone peaks in the morning and begins to decline as the day progresses.Hormones
Hormones are also regulated by the biological system. The cortisol hormone peaks in the morning and begins to decline as the day progresses.

There is a very complex relationship between the cortisol hormone and inflammation, leading to increases and decreases in inflammation. Cold weather is also the reason for this shortage and excess.

Increase in body temperature at night

Even if one is not suffering from any disease, the body temperature rises at night due to over activation of the immune system. You therefore feel that your body temperature is rising.

Body position

Similarly, when you are lying upright in bed, in this case, the mucus accumulated in the nose begins to accumulate in the respiratory tract, due to which the nose becomes blocked and breathing becomes difficult.


Generally, people are engaged in daily activities during the day, due to which the effects of seasonal cold are not so much visible, but as soon as they lie down in a warm bed in a quiet environment to sleep at night, the cold attack gradually subsides. It starts getting intense.

Why does the cough increase at night?

The question also arises as to why the attack of cough, cold and cold is more intense at night. Here are the reasons.
During the day, a person is generally active, but on the contrary, during the night, he lies quietly in bed, due to which the mucus collected in the nose falls into the throat, which causes coughing.

Constriction of airways at night

At night, the lungs are usually more affected by colds, due to which the airways become slightly constricted and breathing becomes difficult. People suffering from asthma are more affected by it.

Allergy-causing substances

Some people are allergic to certain things such as certain scents or smells, smoke or dust etc. due to which they complain of increased cough intensity at night.

How to sleep peacefully at night with a cold?

It is true that the increase in cold symptoms at night affects sleep and if sleep is not enough, there is a risk of health deterioration, which affects immunity. In this regard, some important points are being presented below, following which one can have a restful sleep even in colds.

Wash with warm water

Before going to sleep, try to take a bath with lukewarm water, which relaxes the muscles of the body, and also arrange to take a steam before going to bed, which opens up the nasal and throat passages.

Use of honey

Nutritionists say that it has been observed that eating a spoonful of honey before going to bed reduces the severity of cough, but sprinkling black pepper powder in honey can also be useful.

Elevate the head and neck

During cold, flu and cough, when we lie down to sleep at night, the effect of cold in the lower part of the throat starts to block the nose, which proves to be the cause of coughing and affecting the respiratory system. .
To remedy this, it is better to raise the head slightly. If the cough becomes severe, get up and sit for a while or raise the pillow.

Hot drinks

For colds and coughs in winter, hot drinks are usually used for home remedies, including chicken broth, tea and similar products.
Similarly, cold medicines are also available in the market, they can also be used on the advice of a doctor.

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